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Awano Food Group: in the market since 2009, AWANO has its roots in much older history that originated in Japan back in the 80’s. Today AWANO has gained a lot of ground within the main fast-growing animal protein consumption markets in the world where we have positioned ourselves strategically.

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Values & Vision

Our values are founded in determination, sacrifices and humbleness shown by the pioneers of our company. We are committed to operate with absolute integrity in every aspect of our business and in the markets we operate.

Our vision is to become a competitive food group in safe, secure, integrated and transparent supply-chains to satisfy needs of our customers.

Operations Worldwide

Our operations & partners

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Production USA

Our hormone free angus cattle are finished in Oklahoma while nourishing in high quality grain and care.

All cuts and packaging are standardized for the customer and their end users.  

Production Japan

Our top-class Wagyu beef farms are in Hokkaido (北海道), the northernmost island of Japan, which has been famous for quality food due to its farming and climate conditions.

Fish Farming

Raising Red Snapper in an ocean farm in Costa Rica, Fish and Seafood in Southeast Asia, our production is fresh and ready to supply the most exigent markets in the world.



Our team of experts have been able to ensure we have the best livestock genetics to provide the most suitable product for each market and client.

Fish & Seafood

From Costa Rica, we are proud to provide fresh fish. Our farm is fully integrated from hatchery to processing to guarantee freshness and quality.


We are professionals in pork and have gone across the main global markets to ensure the best fit to AWANO customers.

Other Proteins

Our reach of meat extends to fully integrated supply chains of chicken to duck and goose liver.

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Fax: +65 6221 2729
Email: info@awanofood.com

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